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Mooney Aircraft

"MEE Inc. provided invaluable insight into the value of some new products that we are building, which should add tens of millions of dollars to our bottom line over the next few years.  They were quick to respond, thorough and compelling in their analyses, and a great addition to our team.  I highly recommend them."


Tony Parker
Vice President Engineering & Product Development
Mooney International (Chino)


Lockheed Martin

“We were pleased to have been partners with MEE on a recent Government contract; our contract products greatly benefited from their expertise and background.  The contract effort was fast paced and variable and Lockheed Martin appreciated the flexibility and timely responses consistently provided by MEE.”


Dr. Adam Dissel
Civil Space - Advanced Programs
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Sikorsky Helicopters

“Doug Howarth and his team at MEE provided a unique and valuable perspective for several projects here at Sikorsky that helped senior management look at future concepts in an entirely new way.  The team’s knowledge of our specific industry and the new tools they bring to the table adds depth to our analysis capability.”


Greg Kiviat, Manager
Sikorsky Aircraft, a United Technologies Co.


“MEE provided invaluable insight that we used to validate our market position to our client, using our client’s own data.  They were quick to respond, thorough and compelling in their analyses and a fantastic addition to our team.  We intend to use them again.“


Dave Baskett, President
International Emergency Services

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