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USPTO Awards MEE Inc. Patent That Decodes Market Behavior In 4D

3 September 2019 - Los Angeles, California: CEO Doug Howarth, of Multidimensional Economic Evaluators Inc., (MEE Inc.) is pleased to announce the receipt of Patent Number 10,402,838, for Multivariate Regression Analysis, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

MEE’s CIO Shad Torgerson and CEO Doug Howarth lead the team that has developed the world’s first software designed to display and rapidly decrypt complex market forces across four dimensions, while simultaneously accounting for other important factors; unveiled as MEE4DTM.

MEE4DTM empowers practical implementation of the principles of Multidimensional Economics, the discipline Doug Howarth discovered and named. Novel, nonobvious and useful in its ability to shift global commerce out of the artificially constrained two-dimensional thinking to that of multi-dimensional insight, MEE4DTM technology shows clients how to profit irrespective of the markets in which they operate. This technology applies to all markets, and for buyers, sellers and new market entrants alike, though in different ways. MEE has applied the MEE4DTM technology to a cross-section of leading global market sectors ranging from ground beef to train travel to spaceships to stock exchanges.

A thought leader in the field of economics, Howarth has disrupted the classic paradigm of "supply and demand" with his proven multidimensional economic platform based on the “Law of Value and Demand.” Spearheading a paradigm shift in global economic theory, Howarth is the recipient of numerous international accolades, including being awarded by the ICEAA - International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association.

“We are thrilled that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded us our patent,” says Howarth. “Exposing market mysteries is our mission at MEE.”

MEE Inc.’s patented MEE4DTM techniques work for all types of markets and have served a wide range of companies, from startups to members of the Fortune 500. MEE Inc. clients include NASA, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

About MEE Inc.

Multidimensional Economic Evaluators (MEE Inc.) is the discoverer of and world leader in Multidimensional Economics. Founded in 2011 by CEO Doug Howarth, and with 13 peer-reviewed issued papers across four continents, their work remains unchallenged to date.

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