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Corporate Half Day MEE Seminar from $5900

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Multidimensional economics explores the concept that the law of supply and demand does not work, that the actual model is the law of VALUE and demand.

This course examines the newly discovered field of Multidimensional Economics (ME) as a tool revealing previously hidden market forces spreading across multiple dimensions. Knowing these rules empowers those who can take advantage of them. The course recognizes that we all play economic tug-of-war in all markets: we pay more for products with more value, but demand fewer as prices rise. For every product value point based on its features and price, there is a linked demand point as units sold and price. In every market value and demand self-organize according to buyers’ rules. Topics include the Law of Value and Demand, value responses, aggregate market demand, demand frontiers, cost and profit analyses, and 4D systems. Concepts addressed include market limits, open market space, and maximizing the rate of return.

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