September 29, 2017

MEE Inc. Uses Proprietary Software to Validate the NASA TGALS

LOS ANGELES, September 20, 2017 --[ASDWire]-- After years in production and tests, MEE Inc. has validated that the NASA Towed Glider Air-Launch System (TGALS) is financially feasible. MEE Inc., founders of multidimensional economics and the proprietary, patent-pending MEE4D software, recently co...

May 2, 2016


Get ready to challenge all of your previous notions about the law of supply and demand. Our newest client, ME Evaluators has created a new way of economic thinking – Multidimensional Economics. About to launch a new book, the first of its kind, and with their own MEE4D (TM) software, we’re so excited to be a part of their incredible journey that will lit...

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