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Mooney Aircraft

The Situation: When designing a new plane, Mooney reached out to MEE Inc. to do a full scale 4-dimensional analysis of the market in order to ensure their plane was perfect prior to launch.


Our Analysis Revealed: By looking at the market value of the airplane Mooney was designing, as well as all of its individual features, MEE compiled a regression analysis, comparing the Mooney plane with similar airplanes in the same category. From this we derived an equation that accurately predicted the market price, as well as showing the actual price of other planes for sale. From this analysis, MEE determined that the plane needed to be bigger and have a slightly different engine to get ahead of the game.


The Results: They still use those calculations to this day.


“MEE Inc. provided invaluable insight into the value of some new products that we are building, which should add tens of millions of dollars to our bottom line over the next few years.  They were quick to respond, thorough and compelling in their analyses, and a great addition to our team.  I highly recommend them."


- Tony Parker, Vice President Engineering & Product Development at Mooney International (Chino)

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