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International Emergency Services (IES)

The Situation: Needing to make improvements to a worldwide fleet of firefighting aircraft, IES hired MEE to conduct a detailed 4-Dimensional analysis of the Beriev Be-200s.


The MEE Process: MEE conducted a thorough and critical analysis, which is still used to this day. This gave insight to IES as to how to better the planes, prior to taking the MEE work to the floor of the US Senate to be presented for review and approval.


The Results: In part due to our work, IES was able to land a multi-billion dollar government contract to first build and then lease out the giant Beriev Be-200 planes, which are custom built fire fighting planes that can also act as passenger planes.


The findings of our analysis were used to inform various federal and state officials that the selected aircraft could put more water on a fire for less money per hour than other aircraft that were analyzed. These findings resulted in the openness of the Senate to test the planes, of which IES now has even stronger Senate support.


With all of the horrible forest fires occurring left and right, these planes will be of huge help to the forest services and also more specifically to the state of California.


“MEE provided invaluable insight that we used to validate our market position to our client, using our client’s own data.  They were quick to respond, thorough and compelling in their analyses and a fantastic addition to our team.  We intend to use them again.”


- Dave Baskett, President of International Emergency Services

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