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Multidimensional Economic Evaluators, Inc.

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What you don’t see can hurt you.  

Sailing along on what appears to be a two-dimensional sea, it is hard to see the obstacles that can take you down.

Markets are harder to navigate than the seas. There is more to process. Our competitors see markets in 2D views. We don’t.  


At MEE, every market analysis starts with four dimensions, and goes from there.  See the obstacles and opportunities your competitors cannot.  Don’t be caught two or more dimensions short. 


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Welcome to ME (Multidimensional Economics)



Don’t like being told lies?  Well, neither do we.  So, when one neoclassical (present-day) economist after another told us that there is only one equilibrium point in a market, we didn’t buy it.  And neither should you.


Imagine living in cave-dweller times.  Someone in your tribe has taken down a mastodon. You have berries, the common currency of the day.  Would you give the same number of berries for lean meat as for fat?  Of course not.  Lean meat has more value than fat.  What if the meat was very fresh?  Would you give more for it than for meat that was beginning to rot?  You bet. Everyone prefers the new for the decaying.   Even cave-dwellers knew there were multiple price points in a market.  Neoclassical economists?  Not so much.


What cave-dwellers didn’t know, and you can, is that proper analysis of any market begins with four variables and continues from there.   Modern times call for modern measures.  Every other analytics house wants to oversimplify their analyses, not because they’re lazy, but because they don’t know what to do.  We know what to do. Your competitors have not a clue about how to fully navigate their markets.   But you can. Multidimensional Economics has existed since the first markets formed. However, its discovery dates back only a few years.  By us. For you.   Find out what you’ve been missing.  Try MEE. 



“MEE insight should add tens of millions of dollars to our bottom line over the next few years.  They were thorough, quick to respond, and a great addition to our team.  I highly recommend them."

—  Tony Parker, VP Engineering and Product Development

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